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Clouded Leopards
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Clouded Leopard Art Gallery

Send us your drawings or other art projects featuring clouded leopards and we’ll post them here!
This art is from Hudson Middle School in Hudson, FL
Bailey Jontae Kaelin
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Here's a book prepared by Andrew, age 8, from Beaverton, Oregon

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Jenna, Age 9
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Maggie, Age 13
Wauconda, IL
Andrew, Age 8
Beaverton, OR
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Amy Kathryn, Age 11
Birmingham, AL
Clinton, PA
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Lizi, Age 11, Lakewood, WA
Completed in Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium’s Wild Artists Camp
Meghan, Age 6.5
Bend, OR
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These drawings of clouded leopards were made by students at the
Khao Kheow Open Zoo’s Clouded Leopard Festival in Thailand.
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Mrs. Reber’s Second Grade Class, Utah
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kid artkid artkid art
Morgan, Age 10
Long Valley, NJ
Mystery, Age 8
Palmer, Alaska
Jake, Age 9
Wildomar, CA
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Jonathan, Age 9
Gig Harbor, WA
Tyler, Age 9
Gig Harbor, WA
Anthony, Age 7
Blue Bell, PA
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