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Grant Application

We are now accepting proposals for clouded leopard research and conservation projects. Please use this form to submit your proposal. Proposals are due no later than May 7, 2017. Late proposals will not be accepted.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
Dr. Holly Reed Conservation Fund
Clouded Leopard Project

Grant Purpose – To support the conservation, research and education goals of Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium (PDZA) and the Clouded Leopard Project. Projects funded by this grant will:

  • Develop or contribute to applied studies for in situ clouded leopard research and conservation.
  • Develop or contribute to education initiatives that promote clouded leopard conservation and habitat preservation.
  • Develop collaborative relationships with PDZA and its staff.

Project Title:

Project Summary:

In lay terms, state purpose and significance of project (250 word maximum).

Principle Investigator(s):


Complete Address:


Amount Requested:

While we will consider proposals of any amount, the usual funding amount ranges from $500 - $15,000 - with an average of ~ $5800l/project last year.

If your request is less than the overall project budget, please include information about how the remainder of the project will be funded, including any matching funds that have been secured.

The project narrative should not exceed 5 pages maximum and must include the following sections:Introduction: Explain project rationale, conservation need and goals. Describe how the project fits the grant criteria.

Project Goal: Describe the overall goal/concept of the project. What is the big picture you hope to achieve?

Objectives: List specific tasks or deliverables which, when completed, will accomplish the goal(s).

Methods/Plan of Action: Explain the methodology for the project and why it is appropriate.

Project Start/Stop Dates and Major Timeline Milestones:

Evaluation: Describe how the objective(s) will be measured or achievement of outcomes determined.

Deliverables: A final programmatic report that summarizes and evaluates the fulfillment of the project’s proposed objectives and conservation outcomes, as stated above, including any additional information that illustrates its success.

Budget: Include an estimated budget identifying how funds will be spent and describe any other funding sources.

Investigators’ Qualifications: Identify the personnel associated with this project, define their roles and describe their qualifications.

Potential for Collaboration: Describe the potential or actual opportunities to engage PDZA as an actual collaborator in the project, either institutionally, or through engagement of PDZA staff.

Send completed application electronically in Microsoft Word format to:

Dr. Karen Goodrowe Beck

Funding Coordinator, Dr. Holly Reed Conservation Fund Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium